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Immunity Boost Kit

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Discover our Immunity Boost Kit

The essential oils of Esseciagua's essential oils is a carefully selected collection of essential oils, specially designed to support health and strengthen immunity. Presented in an elegant Nepalese craft box, this kit includes five essential oils distilled with care: Origan (5ml), noble laurel (5ml), thym thujanol (2ml), giant fir (5ml) and Sylvestre pine of Lozère (5ml).

Each oil has been chosen for its unique immune support properties. Oregano, known for its powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties, is ideal for fighting infections. The noble laurel, with its purifying effects, contributes to respiratory health. Thym Thujanol is renowned for its antiseptic qualities and strengthening immunity. The giant fir and the Sylvestre pine of Lozère, with their expectorant and decongestant properties, are perfect for maintaining good respiratory health.

This kit represents an exceptional aromatic experience, offering both health benefits and olfactory pleasure. It is suitable for use in diffusion, external and internal, making this kit a practical and ideal gift for those who seek to integrate the benefits of essential oils in their daily lives

Immunity essential oils is presented in a Nepalese box by hand, reflecting Essenciagua's commitment to quality crafts and respect for the environment. This box, not only elegant and aesthetic, is also a durable packaging that protects and preserves the quality of essential oils. It adds a touch of exclusivity and authenticity to the kit, making an ideal gift for lovers of aromatherapy or for those who seek to learn the natural benefits of essential oils

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Essential Oil Oregano

Essential Oil Oregano

Essenciagua organo essential oil is a powerful concentrate of natural vitality. Known for its stimulating and purifying properties, this essential oil is ideal for revitalizing the mind and purifying air, creating a dynamic and invigorating atmosphere.

Extract from Origanum vulgare, a Mediterranean plant, this essential oil is rich in beneficial aromatic compounds. Its spicy and warm fragrance is not only pleasant but also effective in stimulating mental clarity and concentration....
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Essential Oil Fine lavender of Causses

Essential Oil Fine lavender of Causses

Discover the essential oil of fine lavender of the Causses of Essenciagua, a natural treasure from Lavandula Angustifolia, certified organic. Cultivated in the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean periphery, this lavender thrives between 800 and 1800 meters above sea level, where it developed an exquisite perfume and remarkable therapeutic properties.

This essential oil is recognized for its soothing properties, especially against itching, and its effectiveness to repel lice...
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Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essential Oil Pepper mint

Essenciagua peppermint essential oil is an exceptional product, offering complete traceability and biological certification. Presented in a 20ml bottle, this oil is recognized for its effectiveness against nausea and transport evil, offering natural and fast relief.

The properties of peppermint do not stop there; It is also appreciated for its beneficial action on digestion and its refreshing effect. Its penetrating and invigorating aroma actually makes an excellent choice to...
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Essential Oil Sylvestre pine

Essential Oil Sylvestre pine

Discover the essential oil of Sylvestre pine from EssentiCiagua, an artisanal product extracted from Pinus Sylvestris. This oil, originally from France, is recognized for its effectiveness on the respiratory tract and its ability to fight ENT problems, while stimulating immunity.

Sylvestre pine essential oil is particularly effective in relieving the symptoms of cold, bronchitis and cough, thanks to its antiseptic and expectorant properties. It helps to clear the airways, providing...
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Essential Oil Noble laurel

Essential Oil Noble laurel

The noble laurel essential oil of Esseciagua, distilled in Lozère, is a biological product with multiple virtues. Known for its antiviral properties, it is also an excellent choice for mouthwash, helping to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

This essential oil is particularly appreciated for its soothing effects on muscle pain. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it is ideal for massages or adding to a relaxing bath, providing natural and effective...
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