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Rose Flower Kit

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Discover our Rose Flower Kit

Our Damascus Rose kit

Agriculture biologique

Modes of Use

The Plant Damask pink

Damask pink

Nom Latin : Rosa Damascena

Partie de la plante : Flower

Origine : Iran

The Damascus rose is a bush, which looks like riding, pink and full flowers. It is found in Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco, Russia, on sandy or rocky soils. Queen of flowers, the rose is the embodiment of perfection and beauty. It gives off a complete and harmonious fragrance. Since Antiquity, Damascus rose has been known for its bewitching perfume, embodying beauty and perfection. Rose picking must be done by hand according to ancestral know-how. In the full season, between May and June, the pickers get up at dawn: the flower must indeed be harvested between five and nine in the morning before the heat makes its delicate essence disappear. It is then distilled within 24 hours so as not to lose its perfume. The low yield of this flower in HE The reserve to noble uses, generally in cosmetics or synergy with other HEs in emotional destination mixtures. Damascus rose hydrosol is, par excellence, the ally of the skin, in particular of the face.

The Distillation

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Inside this product

Hydrolat Damask pink

Hydrolat Damask pink

Discover Damascus rose hydrosol, a treasure of nature and a pillar of modern cosmetics. Coming from Rosa Damascena, a plant from Iran and cultivated in various terroirs such as Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco and Russia, this hydrosol is obtained by delicate distillation of flowers picked by hand. His harvest, carried out between May and June at the first light of the day, preserves the quintessence of its bewitching perfume.

Recognized for its regenerative and invigorating...
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Essential Oil Damask pink

Essential Oil Damask pink

The essential oil of DamascaAgua's Damascus Rose, certified organic, is an elixir of beauty and well-being, extract from the Rosa Damascena, a plant native to Iran. Cultivated and harvested in regions such as Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco, and Russia, this oil is obtained from flowers picked by hand between May and June, ensuring the purest essence capture.

Known for its harmonious and bewitching perfume, Damascus rose essential oil is a must in cosmetics and perfumery. It has...
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