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Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone

Skin, fatty hair
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Discover our Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone

The Rosemary Hydrolate Verbenone of Essenciagua is a high quality product, handcrafted with mountain spring water. Renowned for its depurative and decongestant virtues, this hydrosol is particularly beneficial for the liver. It is extracted from Rosemary Verbenone, a variety of rosemary renowned for its richness in beneficial compounds.

This hydrosol has invigorating and purifying properties that make it an excellent choice to support liver functioning. It helps stimulate the liver and gallbladder, thus facilitating digestion and contributing to the elimination of toxins from the body. This is particularly useful after periods of excess food or for people with light digestive disorders.

In addition, Verbenone rosemary hydrosol is also appreciated for its effects on the skin. It can be used as a skin tonic for its purifying and astringent properties, helping to clarify the complexion and balance oily or acne -tendency. Its fresh and herbaceous scent also makes it an excellent choice for use in aromatherapy, bringing a feeling of freshness and mental clarity.

Choosing the Rosemary Hydrolate Verbenone from Essenciagua is opting for a high quality natural and craft product, ideal for those looking to integrate the benefits of plants in their health and well-being routine.

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Top benefits

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Skin, fatty hair
Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone for Skin, fatty hair ?

Using hydrosol as a tonic for the face or hair can help regulate sebum production and reduce the fatty appearance.

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Hormonal balance

How to Use Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone for Hair loss ?

Using hydrosol on the scalp can help stimulate hair growth and reduce the fall, due to its toning and revitalizing properties.

Modes of Use

The Plant Rosemary Verbenone

Rosemary Verbenone

Nom Latin : Rosmarinus Officinalis -Verbenum

Partie de la plante : Branch

Origine : France

Rosemary in Verbénone is a vigorous perennial, up to 2 meters in height, carrying leaves in the shape of needles and whitish to blue flowers. Appreciating the sea climate, it is found in Corsica and in the southern regions of France exposed to maritime air, as well as in South Africa. It notably contains a non -toxic ketone, the Verbénone, which will give it a good part of its properties. It is a rich and balanced essential oil in its active ingredients, with a warm and complex aroma. Well known for its use on the skin, the rosemary hydrosol in Verbénone is also excellent as flavor in your culinary preparations.

The Distillation

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Secondary use

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Skin Care
Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone for Skin Care ?

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Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone for Acne, button ?

Applying rosemary hydrosol to Verbenone as a facial tonic can help reduce acne thanks to its purifying and antiseptic properties.

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Physical fatigue
Serenity & rest

How to Use Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone for Physical fatigue ?

Using hydrosol in vaporization or drink can help fight physical fatigue thanks to its invigorating and revitalizing properties.

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Digestive balance

How to Use Hydrolat Rosemary Verbenone for Difficult digestion ?

Drinking a glass of water with the Rosemary hydrosol in Verbenone can facilitate digestion thanks to its digestive properties.

With the same plant

Essential Oil Rosemary Verbenone

Essential Oil Rosemary Verbenone

The essential oil of Rosemary Verbenone from Essenciagua, organic certified and artisanally distilled, is a concentrate of natural benefits. Originally from France, notably from Corsica and southern regions, Rosemary Verbenone (Rosmarinus Officinalis - Verbenum) is a robust perennial plant, appreciating the maritime climate, and known for its leaves in the shape of needles and its whitish with blue.

This essential oil is particularly effective in treating liver problems and bile insufficiency, thanks to its stimulating properties for the liver and its ability to support the detoxification of the body. It also has antibacterial and regenerative properties, making its use beneficial to treat acne and improve the appearance of problem skin.

In addition, verbenone rosemary essential oil can be used to balance skins and oily hair by regulating sebum production. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it useful for relieving arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism joint pain. Used in diluted massage, it helps relieve the contracted muscles, aches and cramps.

In dissemination, this essential oil helps to fight intellectual fatigue and overwork thanks to its invigorating and clarifying effects for the mind. In addition, it can be topically applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth and prevent it from falling thanks to its invigorating properties.

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Recipe for low respiratory affection for the change of season

At the change of season, are you disturbed by a low respiratory disease? ㅤ We offer a natural solution to help to clear the respiratory sphere with our Rosemary Verbénone hydrosol and Thym Thujanol essential oil, 100% organic, of French origin 🇫🇷 and signed by Essenciagua. 🌿spray to be...

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Mode d'utilisation
Partie de la plante
Acne, button
Difficult digestion
Hair loss
Physical fatigue
Skin, fatty hair
Skin Care

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