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Hydrolat Angelic (Root)

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The angelic hydrosol (root) of Essenciagua, handcrafted with spring water, is a product of rare finesse, from wild plants certified in organic farming. This hydrosol, extracted from the root of Angelique, is recognized for its soothing and balancing properties, offering an experience of natural and authentic well-being.

Angelique, often called "the grass of angels" or "root of the Holy Spirit", is a robust plant whose medicinal virtues have been recognized for centuries. The distillation of its root makes it possible to obtain a hydrosol with calming and comforting properties. It is particularly appreciated for its action on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, and promoting a more serene state of mind.

In the digestive level, angelic hydrosol helps to appease disorders such as intestinal spasms, nausea and bloating. Its carminative and digestive properties make it a precious ally for intestinal comfort. Used in compress or added in a drink, it contributes to a better digestive balance.

The angelic hydrosol (root) of Essenciagua can also be used in vaporization or inhalation for its positive effects on mood. It helps fight light depression and promotes restorative sleep thanks to its soothing properties.

Choosing this hydrosol is opting for a pure, environmentally friendly product, and benefiting from all the expertise of Essenciagua in artisanal distillation. It is an invitation to integrate the natural benefits of angelica in your daily routine, for a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Agriculture biologique Made in France Own distillation

Top benefits

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Serenity & rest

How to Use Hydrolat Angelic (Root) for Stress ?

Using angelic hydrosol in inhalation or adding to a drink can help decrease stress because it has calming and relaxing effects on the nervous system.

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Digestive balance

How to Use Hydrolat Angelic (Root) for Difficult digestion ?

Drinking a glass of water with a few drops of angelic hydrosol can help facilitate digestion thanks to its carminative and digestive properties.

Modes of Use

The Plant Angelic (Root)

Angelic (Root)

Nom Latin : Angelica Archangelica

Partie de la plante : Root

Origine : France

The grass of angels or root of the Holy Spirit, thus called by longevity and certainly the serenity it would confer. Of Nordic origin, we find this plant cultivated under our latitudes only for confectionery. Extremely robust, the angelica is cultivated "the feet in the water, the head in the sun". But above all, this medicinal, perennial, does not keep its vitality only for it. She gives it to those who know how to get it and its root in particular in fact for us a little what ginseng is for the Chinese. The essence of its root differs from that of its seeds. With a sweet and slightly musk odor, it conceals the properties of the root. Presence of monoterpenes and coumarins. Fall distillation.

The Distillation

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Secondary use

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Serenity & rest

How to Use Hydrolat Angelic (Root) for Depression ?

Using hydrosol in vaporization or inhalation can have a positive effect on mood and help fight light depression due to its balanced and calming properties.

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Serenity & rest

How to Use Hydrolat Angelic (Root) for Sleeping troubles ?

Stilling a few drops of hydrosol in an evening drink can promote restful sleep thanks to its soothing properties.

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Digestive balance

How to Use Hydrolat Angelic (Root) for Intestinal spasms ?

Applying the hydrosol compressed on the abdomen or integrating it into a drink can help relieve intestinal spasms because it has antispasmodic effects.

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Digestive balance

How to Use Hydrolat Angelic (Root) for Nausea ?

Inhale the hydrosol or add it to a drink can help relieve nausea thanks to its calming stomach properties.

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Digestive balance

How to Use Hydrolat Angelic (Root) for Bloating ?

Angelique hydrosol can be taken after meals to reduce bloating and intestinal gases, due to its digestive properties.

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Angelique essential oil (root) of Essenciagua, certified organic, is extracted from the Angelica Archangelica, a robust plant with unique properties. Cultivated in France, it is nicknamed "Grass des Anges" or "Racine du Holy Spirit" for its reputation for bringing longevity and serenity. Distilled in autumn, this essence captures the richness of the active compounds of the root, in...
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Data sheet

Distillé par Essenciagua
Mode d'utilisation
Partie de la plante
Difficult digestion
Intestinal spasms
Sleeping troubles

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