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Hydrolat Lavandin super

Skin Care
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The Super Lavandin Hydrosol of EssentiCiagua is a 100% pure and certified organic product, recognized for its multiple benefits, especially in the treatment of burns, insect bites and yeast infections.

This hydrosol, from Lavandula Hybrida, is obtained by artisanal distillation, ensuring the conservation of all its natural properties. Its composition rich in soothing components makes it an excellent choice to relieve skin irritation. Used in topical application, it helps to calm light burns, reduce inflammation caused by insect bites and treat fungal skin infections.

In addition, the Super Lavandin hydrosol is also effective for its relaxing and soothing properties. In aromatherapy, it helps to relax the mind and reduce stress. Its pleasant and fresh fragrance can be used to flavor indoor air, thus offering a serene and revitalizing atmosphere.

By incorporating the super Lavandin hydrosol into your care routine, you choose a natural and soft product, suitable for all skin types. It is an ideal choice for those looking for natural solutions to improve their skin and emotional well-being.

Agriculture biologique Made in France

Top benefits

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Natural emergency kit

How to Use Hydrolat Lavandin super for Burning, sunburn ?

Applying the super Lavandin hydrosol on affected areas can help relieve pain and accelerate healing thanks to its healing and soothing properties.

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Skin Care
Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Lavandin super for Skin Care ?

Modes of Use

The Plant Lavandin super

Lavandin super

Nom Latin : Lavandula Hybrida

Partie de la plante : Flowery

Origine : France

Lavandin is a hybridization of lavender, resulting from a cross between the so -called "fine" lavender and the aspic lavender. We recognize him by his more supplied and regular ears than those of lavender, and his longer stems. He has a rather purple color. The word "Lavandin" comes from the Latin "lavare" which means washing. Lavandin is often associated with freshly washed linen. Lavandin essential oil has multiple properties. Lavandin hydrosol will be interesting during episodes of lice contamination.

Secondary use

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Natural emergency kit

How to Use Hydrolat Lavandin super for Sting ?

Use the hydrosol to soothe itching and reduce inflammation caused by insect bites.

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Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Lavandin super for Acne, button ?

Using the super -lavandin hydrosol as a facial tonic can help reduce acne and buttons, thanks to its purifying and soothing properties.

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Skin, dry hair
Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Lavandin super for Skin, dry hair ?

Use hydrosol as a tonic to hydrate and revitalize the skin and dry hair.

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Structural support

How to Use Hydrolat Lavandin super for Headache, migraine ?

Apply a compress soaked in super lavandin hydrosol on the forehead or temples can help relieve headaches and migraines thanks to its soothing properties.

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Serenity & rest

How to Use Hydrolat Lavandin super for Stress ?

The use of inhalation or vaporization hydrosol can help reduce stress and anxiety, thanks to its relaxing properties.

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Essential Oil Lavandin super

Essential Oil Lavandin super

The essential oil of the Super Lavandin of EssentiCiagua, available in a 50ml bottle, is a certified biological product, recognized for its soothing virtues of spasms and nervousness. This essential oil, from hybrid lavender (hybrida lavandula), is distilled in an artisanal way, thus preserving all its therapeutic properties.

The Super Lavandin is particularly appreciated for its fresh and relaxing perfume, which promotes relaxation and well-being. Used in aromatherapy, this...
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Mode d'utilisation
Partie de la plante
sommité fleurie
Acne, button
Burning, sunburn
Headache, migraine
Skin, dry hair
Skin Care

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