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Roman chamomile

The plant

Roman chamomile
Latin: Chamaelum Nobile

Plant part: Flowery

Origin: France

Perennial plant 10 to 30 cm high from the Asteraceae family, Roman chamomile, rare in France, is cultivated in Anjou under its double variety. Its name comes from the Greek and refers to the fact that the chamomile grows near the ground (chamos) and that the fragrance of its fairly open flowers recalls that of the apple (Melos). Roman because cultivated in Rome in the 16th and 17th century. A bitter tonic, this plant is recommended to be accompanied by digestion, and is used in culinary, medical and cosmetic use.

What are the benefits of Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile is a plant with multiple health benefits. In cases of anxiety or emotional shock, it helps calm the nerves and promote relaxation. Its infusion is also effective in relieving the symptoms of conjunctivitis thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Additionally, Roman chamomile is often used to treat insomnia, promoting restful and soothing sleep. Finally, this plant is also known for its cleansing properties for the skin, helping to eliminate impurities and soothe skin irritations. Used in different forms, Roman chamomile is a versatile natural remedy that can be beneficial for many conditions.

More about Roman chamomile

The Products

Essential Oil Roman chamomile

Essential Oil Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile essential oil from Esseciagua, chemotypical and botanically defined, is an exceptional organic product. Renowned for its post-shoc, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is a precious ally in pain management and inflammation.

Extracted from the Roman chamomile, or Nobile Chamaememelum, this essential oil is known for its calming and soothing effects, in particular for sensitive and irritated skin. It is ideal for relieving headaches, muscle pain and nervous tensions.

Used in aromatherapy, it contributes to relaxation and mental well-being, helping to reduce stress and promote restful sleep. In massage, diluted in a vegetable oil, it offers a relaxing and relieving experience.

By choosing the essential oil of Roman chamomile of EssentiCiagua, you opt for a natural and quality product, developed in compliance with the environment. This essential and effective essential oil is a must for those looking for natural relief and deep relaxation.

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Hydrolat Roman chamomile

Hydrolat Roman chamomile

The Roman chamomile hydrosol of Essenciagua, certified organic, is a versatile and soothing product, ideal for the well-being of the body and the mind. Extremely beneficial for the skin, this hydrosol comes from Roman chamomile (Nobile Chamaelum), a flourishing plant native to France, known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

This hydrosol is particularly effective in soothing sore throat, eye irritation caused by conjunctivitis, as well as symptoms of respiratory allergies. It can be used in gargling to relieve aphonia, thus calming the irritated vocal cords.

In dermatology, the Roman chamomile hydrosol is an excellent choice to appease the itching and inflammation associated with eczema and psoriasis. Its calming properties are also beneficial to promote restful sleep and to reduce stress and anxiety.

The Roman chamomile hydrosol of Essenciagua is a natural product, resulting from artisanal distillation, which preserves the quality and efficiency of the plant. It is perfect for those who seek to integrate the natural and soothing benefits of chamomile in their daily routine

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Roman chamomile Discover the distillation Roman chamomile Discover the distillation Roman chamomile Discover the distillation Roman chamomile Discover the distillation Roman chamomile Discover the distillation Roman chamomile Discover the distillation Roman chamomile Discover the distillation Roman chamomile



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