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Create and treat a urinary tract infection

Sariette has been known since Antiquity for its aphrodisiac and digestive properties. Nowadays, savory is used in different forms (infusions, decoctions, floral waters, essential oils, capsules, mother taints) mainly for its digestive properties, against fatigue, to treat urinary tract infections and gastroenteritis. Positive effects of savory essential oil have been highlighted on infections in Escherichia coli and golden staphylococci, effects mainly attributed to the carvacrol and thymol molecules that make it up. Sariette hydrosol is made up of more than 80 % carvacrol, powerful bactericidal and anti-infectious.

Sariette hydrosol helps accelerate the disappearance of symptoms.

** To drink ** Once the signal is given that you have not drunk enough, ask yourself to consume a lot of water. Add 3 times a day, before meals, a tablespoon of savory hydrosol, completes if possible with a tablespoon of cinnamon hydrosol. Cinnamon hydrosol is, like savory hydrosol, a powerful urinary anti-infectious, thanks to other molecular families. Their actions are therefore completed perfectly.

** In local hygiene ** for good local hygiene, extemporaneously of "wipes" by soaking the toilet paper with savory hydrosol (be careful, not to do with cinnamon hydrosol, which can be irritating used pure on the skin)

The proposed tip has no contraindications for an adult. In children, from 6 years old, we will replace the tablespoons with teaspoons

The Products

Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Sariette hydrosol of the Essenciagua mountains is an exceptional biological product, offering complete traceability and remarkable therapeutic virtues. This hydrosol is recognized for its powerful anti-infectious properties, making it particularly effective against winter conditions.

Distilled from mountain savory, this hydrosol is ideal for strengthening the immune system. It can be used in inhalation to clear the respiratory tract or in topical application for skin care, thus offering a natural remedy against colds and flu.

In addition to its respiratory benefits, mountain savory hydrosol is also appreciated for its toning and revitalizing effects on the skin. It is particularly suitable for oily or problems, helping to regulate sebum production and clarify the complexion.

By choosing the savorish hydrosol of the Essenciagua mountains, you opt for a quality natural product, developed in compliance with the environment and the standards of sustainable production.

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Hydrolat Cinnamon (Bark)

Hydrolat Cinnamon (Bark)

The cinnamon hydrosol bark from Esseciagua, with its spicy and warm fragrance, is a real treasure of nature. Distilled from the cinnamon bark, this hydrosol stimulates the senses and comforts the mind, bringing an exotic and revitalizing touch on a daily basis.

Stimulation and comfort: the characteristic aroma of cinnamon, both spicy and sweet, is known for its stimulating and invigorating effect on the mind. It helps clarify thoughts and fight lethargy, while providing a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Revigoration of the skin: in topical application, the bark cinnamon hydrosol tones and refreshes the skin. Its astringent and antioxidant properties make it an excellent tonic for tired or dull skin, helping to reveal a radiant and revitalized complexion.

Digestive benefits: in internal use, this hydrosol can help stimulate digestion and relieve minor digestive disorders. Its warming effect is particularly beneficial in case of bloating or digestive discomfort.

Soothing atmosphere: in diffusion, the bark cinnamon hydrosol creates a soothing and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for moments of relaxation or during family gatherings. Its spicy fragrance also purifies air, adding a feeling of freshness to the environment.

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