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Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Urinary infection
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Discover our Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Sariette hydrosol of the Essenciagua mountains is an exceptional biological product, offering complete traceability and remarkable therapeutic virtues. This hydrosol is recognized for its powerful anti-infectious properties, making it particularly effective against winter conditions.

Distilled from mountain savory, this hydrosol is ideal for strengthening the immune system. It can be used in inhalation to clear the respiratory tract or in topical application for skin care, thus offering a natural remedy against colds and flu.

In addition to its respiratory benefits, mountain savory hydrosol is also appreciated for its toning and revitalizing effects on the skin. It is particularly suitable for oily or problems, helping to regulate sebum production and clarify the complexion.

By choosing the savorish hydrosol of the Essenciagua mountains, you opt for a quality natural product, developed in compliance with the environment and the standards of sustainable production.

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Top benefits

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Urinary infection
Natural emergency kit

How to Use Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy for Urinary infection ?

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Digestive balance

How to Use Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy for Gastro ?

Modes of Use

The Plant Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Nom Latin : Satureja Montana

Partie de la plante : Flowery

Origine : France

Originally from the periphery of the Black Sea and the South of Europe, the savory is a aromatic and mellifer underdrawal which was introduced in central Europe towards the 9th century. Frequently cultivated in the gardens in the Middle Ages, the savory was part of the spice mixtures, and it was readily said that it promised long life to its users. In fact, savory, with its spicy and peppery flavor, is one of the most tonic plants. It has a powerful physical action, and will be recommended in winter periods, or during episodes during which morale is at half mast. The mountain savory hydrosol has multiple interests, in particular, in a 3 -week treatment, to prepare to face winter affections, but also an ally of choice for the skin.

The Distillation

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Secondary use

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Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy for Yeast ?

Applying hydrosol on affected areas can help treat skin infections and yeast infections thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

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Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy for Acne, button ?

Using mountain savory hydrosol as a facial tonic can help reduce acne and pimples due to its purifying and antiseptic properties.

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Skin, fatty hair
Dermatological radiance

How to Use Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy for Skin, fatty hair ?

Using hydrosol as a tonic for the face or hair can help regulate sebum production and reduce the fatty appearance.

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Physical fatigue
Serenity & rest

How to Use Hydrolat Sariette of the mountains from Quercy for Physical fatigue ?

Using hydrosol in vaporization or drink can help fight physical fatigue thanks to its invigorating and revitalizing properties.

With the same plant

Essential Oil Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Essential Oil Sariette of the mountains from Quercy

Sariette essential oil from the Essenciagua mountains, produced in France, is a treasure of nature with multiple virtues. Handicraged, this essential oil comes from Satureja Montana, a perennial aromatic plant from the mountainous regions of Europe. Known for its spicy and peppery fragrance, mountain savory is traditionally used in the kitchen and for its medicinal properties.

This essential oil is particularly renowned for its stimulating effects on body and mind. It acts effectively on intestinal infections thanks to its antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, offering a natural solution to combat digestive disorders.

In addition to its digestive benefits, mountain savory essential oil is a powerful tonic to fight nervous fatigue. Its ability to stimulate the mind and raise the mood makes it an ideal choice for moments of energy or depression.

In terms of skin, this oil is effective in treating various skin problems such as acne, yeast infections and skin infections, thanks to its antiseptic and healing properties. It can also be used in massage, diluted in a bearing oil, to relieve joint and muscle pain, especially during winter periods.

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Essenciagua Grand Cru

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Digestion soup idea

🍲After the big holiday meals, our hot tomato soup, enhanced with organic Sarriette des Montagnes hydrosol, is ideal for optimal digestion. 🍅 Ingredients (4 people) 800 g tomatoes 1/2 onion 1.5 cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons of crème fraîche (5% M.F.) Salt and pepper 0.5 tablespoon of olive...

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Data sheet

Distillé par Essenciagua
Mode d'utilisation
Partie de la plante
sommité fleurie
Acne, button
Physical fatigue
Skin, fatty hair
Urinary infection

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