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Treat lice infection

Lavender, Lavandin and Geranium, in the form of essential oil or hydrosol, are conventionally used in repellents for lice, which seem not to like these odors. In prevention, it is generally recommended to put a drop or two of essential oil behind the ears or at the limit of the hair, or to rub the scalp with the hydrosol. Fine vegetable oils, which suffocate lice, are interesting in treatment once the lice are installed, even if the implementation is somewhat restrictive. Natural treatments are not 100 % effective to eliminate lice, but they have the big advantage of not being toxic and not inducing resistance as do chemical pests and shampoos.

As soon as we know that lice have arrived, the best is to avoid situations "at risk of exchange": do not stick to each other, do not exchange the cups or the scarves, Tie long hair so that the lice does not get too easily gripped there.

Knowing that preventive treatments is not 100 %effective, still advises us to apply Lavandin hydrosol morning and evening to hair and scalp to limit contamination. The easiest is to use a pump bottle and spray the hydrosol on your head, wick per wick and close to the scalp to also reach it.

If the lice are there, we continue this application twice a day, associated with an application, in the evening, 2 to 3 times a week, of a fine vegetable oil (coconut or jojoba). The vegetable oil is applied well to the set of hair and scalp. We cover the hair with a relatively waterproof "hat" to avoid staining the pillowcase (you can do it yourself with a piece of waterproofed fabric with beeswax). We leave the oil overnight (it suffocates the lice and the nits) and we wash the hair the next morning with a soft shampoo. It is important to do so for a fortnight to make sure you have eliminated all lice and slow.

Lice can affect everyone, and are not linked to a question of hygiene. On the other hand, just as some people attract mosquitoes more, others have "lice hair" and are sometimes forced to cut them to limit the risk of contamination. The tip presented here has absolutely no contraindication. However, it can be a little forbidden for some children. In this case, it may be good to do it on yourself too, which avoids possible contamination while draining the situation.

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Jojoba vegetable oil

Jojoba vegetable oil

Discover the vegetable oil of Jojoba from Essenciagua, 100% organic certified by Certisys and bearing the "Biogarantie" label. This oil, from the Jojoba seed, a shrub native to the desert regions of North America, is a wonder of nature for skin and hair care.

Its unique composition is similar to human sebum, which gives it deep and effective penetration without leaving a fatty film on the skin. It is adapted to all skin types, moisturizing dry skin while regulating the production of sebum of oily skin.

Jojoba oil is also precious for hair, bringing hydration and shine. It is particularly effective in nourishing dry, damaged or curly hair, and can be used as a scalp treatment to control dandruff.

In addition, this oil is very interesting for the dilution of essential oils in the "house" preparation of synergies or cosmetics. It is an excellent support for essential oils, allowing a secure and effective application on the skin.

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Hydrolat Lavandin super

Hydrolat Lavandin super

The Super Lavandin Hydrosol of EssentiCiagua is a 100% pure and certified organic product, recognized for its multiple benefits, especially in the treatment of burns, insect bites and yeast infections.

This hydrosol, from Lavandula Hybrida, is obtained by artisanal distillation, ensuring the conservation of all its natural properties. Its composition rich in soothing components makes it an excellent choice to relieve skin irritation. Used in topical application, it helps to calm light burns, reduce inflammation caused by insect bites and treat fungal skin infections.

In addition, the Super Lavandin hydrosol is also effective for its relaxing and soothing properties. In aromatherapy, it helps to relax the mind and reduce stress. Its pleasant and fresh fragrance can be used to flavor indoor air, thus offering a serene and revitalizing atmosphere.

By incorporating the super Lavandin hydrosol into your care routine, you choose a natural and soft product, suitable for all skin types. It is an ideal choice for those looking for natural solutions to improve their skin and emotional well-being.

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