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When my eyes are tired, irritated

When my eyes are tired, irritated

My testimony

When I drive a car at night, my eyes quickly get tired. I remember our last trip to Paris, for a trade show. I drove a good part of the trip in the rain and in the dark. I can't see well at night (perhaps because I'm used to the lit roads in Belgium), which forces me to try harder. There was no shortage of it, I arrived with lemur eyes, swollen and red. My eyes are quite fragile. The same thing happens to me if I drive without sunglasses in good weather or if I spend too much time in front of the computer screen. In all cases, I apply the same routine with hydrosols.

My tip

When I have irritated eyes, I soak a cotton pad in cornflower hydrosol, which I apply by tapping on the eyelids and around the eyes. I repeat this operation two or three times during the day. In the evening, when I go to bed, I again soak two cotton pads with the cornflower hydrosol and I apply one to each eyelid once I am lying down, for about fifteen minutes. I sometimes replace cornflower with Roman chamomile or combine them. Thanks to their soothing and refreshing properties, this very simple little tip quickly calms irritated eyes and gives a more peaceful look. These two soothing hydrosols are also very interesting for cleansing the face and removing makeup.

What does herbal medicine say?

Cornflower has been associated with eye care since the Middle Ages. In signature theories, its blue flowers were the symbol of “healthy eyes” and “sight as transparent as a cloudless sky”. Cornflower decongests swollen eyelids following inflammation. Classically, cornflower hydrosol is used for eye and facial care, the anthocyanins it contains (which gives it its color and its name) giving it astringent properties. In recent years, the anti-inflammatory properties of blueberry polysaccharides have been well demonstrated (Garbacki et al., Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 1999), justifying the use of cornflower hydrosol for minor ocular inflammations. Antioxidant and cytoprotective properties of this hydrosol have also been demonstrated (Bragueto Escher et al., Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2018).

Did you know ?

For dark circles or bags under the eyes, we will rather use a circulatory or astringent hydrosol (immortelle (helichrysum), witch hazel) to decongest. This gesture can be completed with a circulatory and decongestant serum, composed of 20 ml of calophyll oil to which we add 2 drops of immortelle essential oil (Italian helichrysum) and 2 drops of matricaria chamomile essential oil

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The proposed tip does not involve any particular contraindication, because it is a completely classic cosmetic use. On the other hand, it is very important not to exceed the quantities of essential oils mentioned in the short recipe for the “dark circles or bags” serum, the eye contour being a very sensitive area.

CENTAUREA CYANUS The cornflower of the fields

Originally from the Middle East, the cornflower is a typically messicole plant (hence its name "harvest cornflower"), reaching 50 to 80 cm high, which has spread throughout all temperate regions of the world following the progression of cereal crops, such as poppies and matricaria. This plant with very bright blue flowers is gradually disappearing, destroyed by selective weedkillers... Among its many nicknames, the cornflower bears that of "glasses breaker", an allusion to its beneficial action on eyesight, known since the Middle Ages. It is true that cornflower flowers work wonders to restore liveliness to tired eyes, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and slightly astringent effect.

The Products

Hydrolat Blueberry of Champs

Hydrolat Blueberry of Champs

Bleuet hydrosol of fields, certified organic by Essenciagua, is a natural product with multiple benefits. Cultivated in France and scientifically known as Centaura Cyanus, this hydrosol is particularly effective in eating irritated eyes and reducing pockets under the eyes.

This hydrosol is a precious ally for skin care. It acts as a soft tonic, ideal for sensitive skin or subject to inflammation. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent choice for treating...

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