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When lice arrive

When lice arrive
When lice arrive

My testimony

That's it, school is over, and the summer holidays are here, with their lots of courses and camps of all kinds for the children. After a few days with us, my niece is looking forward to going to her travel camp. For her who loves flowers, trees, insects, animals, a week in the forest is a dream. But her mother is a little afraid of the return, she fears that she will get back like last year with lice!

My tip

As soon as you know that lice have arrived, the best is to avoid situations
“at risk of exchange”: do not stick to each other, do not exchange hats or scarves, tie up long hair so that lice do not cling to it too easily.
Knowing that preventive treatments are not 100% effective, I still recommend applying lavandin hydrosol morning and evening to the hair and scalp to limit contamination. The easiest is to use a pump bottle and spray the hydrosol on the head, strand by strand and close to the scalp to reach it as well.
If the lice are there, continue this application twice a day, combined with an application, in the evening, 2 to 3 times a week, of a fine vegetable oil (coconut or jojoba). Apply the vegetable oil well to all of the hair and scalp. We cover the hair with a relatively waterproof “cap” to avoid staining the pillowcase (you can make your own with a piece of fabric waterproofed with beeswax). We leave the oil on overnight (it suffocates the lice and nits) and wash the hair the next morning with a mild shampoo. It is important to do this for a fortnight to ensure that you have eliminated all the lice and nits.

What does herbal medicine say?

Lavender, lavandin and geranium, in the form of essential oil or hydrosol, are classically used as a repellent for lice, which seem not to like these odors. For prevention, it is generally recommended to put a drop or two of essential oil behind the ears or at the hairline, or to rub the scalp with the hydrosol. Fine vegetable oils, which asphyxiate the lice, are useful as a treatment once the lice are established, even if the implementation is somewhat restrictive. Natural treatments are not 100% effective in eliminating lice, but they have the big advantage of not being toxic and not inducing resistance like chemical antiparasitic lotions and shampoos do.

Did you know ?

Lice can affect everyone, and are not linked to a question of hygiene. On the other hand, just as some people attract mosquitoes more, others have “lice hair” and are sometimes obliged to cut it to limit the risk of contamination

I use hydrosols SAFELY

The tip presented here has absolutely no contraindications. However, it can be a little daunting for some children. In this case, it may be a good idea to do it on yourself as well, which avoids possible contamination while de-dramatizing the situation.


Lavandin is a hybridization of lavender, resulting from a cross between so-called “fine” or “officinal” lavender and aspic lavender. It can be recognized by its purple spikes, which are fuller and more regular than those of lavender, and by its longer stems. Lavandin has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, healing and antiseptic properties. It is effective in calming nervousness and relaxing muscles. Linalool, present at 30% in the hydrosol, demonstrates major parasiticidal activity, giving it the ability to prevent and eliminate lice and nits.

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Hydrolat Lavandin super

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