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When I want to treat eczema

When I want to treat eczema
When I want to treat eczema

My testimony

Luckily I'm not prone to skin problems or eczema, but I do develop a little in my hair when I'm stressed or tired. In this case, I have red flaking and itchy patches on my scalp. And I scratch, which doesn't help things. With the cold, I had frostbite which appeared on my fingers and turned into eczema once the redness and swelling disappeared (I say I had because I no longer have frostbite since I did a detox treatment of the liver before winter (see sheet 13), ideal for blood circulation as well as for areas favoring eczema). Whether in the hair or on the fingers, these areas of eczema disappear quickly with hydrosols.

My tip

For skin problems, and particularly eczema, I use matricaria hydrosol. I soak a cotton pad (washable) with it and apply it morning and evening to the affected areas. When I do it as soon as the plaques appear, these applications are enough to solve the problem. For the fingers, when I'm slow to react or the skin is really too dry, I also prepare a mixture of calendula oil (anti-inflammatory) and lavender essential oil (2 drops of EO in a teaspoon of oil), which I apply after the matricaria hydrosol. For the hair, I make a very simple shampoo with a neutral cleansing base3 (100 ml), calendula oil (10 ml) and matricaria hydrosol (20 ml), which I generally use for 2 weeks.

What does herbal medicine say?

Powerful anti-inflammatory, matricaria relieves all types of inflammation. It is also soothing, calming and healing. Matricaria hydrosol contains more than 35% alpha-bisabolol, an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory molecule, calming inflammation, skin irritation and peptic ulcers when taken internally.
Calendula is often used in dermatology. It contains sesquiterpenes with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. In macerate, it is also moisturizing and nourishing for dry skin.
Lavender essential oil also relieves pain and improves healing, thanks to its aromatic molecules with analgesic, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory effects.

Did you know ?

Eczema is the most common skin disease. We know that it appears more frequently in people with allergies, in times of stress and in people with dry skin. Take an internal course of matricaria and lovage hydrosols ( or rosemary or wild carrot if you don't like the taste of lovage) is very effective, at the rate of one tablespoon of each hydrosol in a glass of water, morning and evening

I use hydrosols SAFELY

Matricaria hydrosol can be used without any restrictions, internally or externally, and for everyone, even young children. These cures are also lifesaving in animals (20 ml of hydrosol in a half-liter bowl of water), in addition to local application. They represent a very effective natural alternative to corticosteroids prescribed by dermatologists or veterinarians.

MATRICARIA RECUTITA Matricaria (German chamomile)

Originally from southern Eurasia, chamomile now grows throughout Europe and northern Africa. Orally, it treats digestive conditions and abdominal pain and, externally, itching and other skin problems. Its essential oil, blue by
the chamazulenes it contains are mainly composed of sesquiterpenes (alpha-bisabolol and its oxides), which are found in large quantities in the hydrosol. Its anti-inflammatory, healing effects on eczema, calming irritations and dermatitis have been demonstrated, both in animals and in humans. Internally, antispasmodic and anti-ulcer effects have been demonstrated in animals, as well as in humans on digestive disorders and gastritis.

The Products

Hydrolat German chamomile matrix

Hydrolat German chamomile matrix

Essenciagua's matrix camomic hydrosol, organic certified and handcrafted, is a versatile natural remedy. Coming from the Matricaria Recutita, a plant native to France, this hydrosol is recognized for its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ideal for people with respiratory allergies, matrix chamomile hydrosol, inhalation, can effectively relieve symptoms such as nasal irritation and congestion. It is also useful in compress to speed up hematoma healing and relieve...

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