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The plant

Latin: Inula Odorata

Plant part: Flowering plant

Origin: France

The fragrant inule is a perennial and robust plant, up to 1.5 meters high. At the end of the summer and in autumn, you can observe its yellow flowers, grouped in heads. This aromatic plant was cultivated and harvested by the monks for its medicinal properties, it has always been used in traditional medicine to relieve different conditions. The Inule offers us an essential oil difficult to obtain when distillation and a very characteristic odor.

The Products

Essential Oil Inule

Essential Oil Inule

Inule Esseciagua essential oil, contained in a 5ml bottle, is an exceptional product with complete biological certification, guaranteeing perfect traceability. Distilled in France from the Inula Odorata, a robust and lasting plant, it displays yellow flowers characteristic in late summer and in autumn.

This essential oil is particularly recognized for its expectorant properties, making it effective against bronchitis by helping to clear the airways. It can be used in inhalation or massage of chest, always diluted in vegetable oil, to relieve symptoms.

In addition to its respiratory benefits, the Inule is beneficial for the symptoms of asthma thanks to its antispasmodic and soothing properties. It also helps to relieve respiratory allergies, productive cough, colds and sinusitis, helping to reduce the inflammation of sinuses and facilitate breathing.

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