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The plant

Latin: Cinnamomum Camphora

Plant part: Leaf

Origin: Madagascar

Ravintsara was originally an Asian campaign imported into Madagascar in the 19th century. Transported to Madagascar, he then developed a very different biochemistry of the Asian camphor, giving it very specific properties.

What are the benefits of Ravintsara

Ravintsara has antiviral and immune-stimulating properties which make it a great ally for strengthening our immune system and protecting us against infections, particularly colds. By diffusing its essential oil into the air or applying it to the skin, ravintsara helps prevent viral infections and relieve cold symptoms. Thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, this plant helps purify the air and clear the respiratory tract, thus promoting better breathing. In addition to boosting our immunity, ravintsara also has calming properties that help relieve stress and anxiety, thereby promoting better emotional balance.

The Products

Essential Oil Ravintsara

Essential Oil Ravintsara

The essential oil of Ravintsara d'Esseciagua is an organic product of exceptional quality. Originally from Madagascar and extracted from Cinnamomum Camphora, this oil is chémotypical and botanically defined to guarantee its purity and its effectiveness.

Recognized for its antiviral and expectorant properties, ravintsara oil is a precious ally against respiratory diseases such as colds, bronchitis and flu. It helps to identify the airways, offering rapid and effective relief.

This oil is also useful for relieving nasal congestion and headache associated with sinusitis. It stimulates the immune system, making it useful to prevent and treat viral infections. Due to its antiviral properties, it can also be used to reduce fever.

For people with intellectual fatigue or overwork, inhalation or dissemination of ravintsara oil has revitalizing effects. In addition, its calming effect on the nervous system promotes restorative sleep, making it useful in the event of insomnia.

Choosing the essential oil of Ravintsara from Essenciagua is to opt for a natural, artisanal and environmentally friendly product, designed to improve your daily well-being

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