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The plant

Latin: Abies Alba

Plant part: Branch

Origin: France

The pectinated tree, also called common tree, white tree, or simply tree, is among the highest European native trees, up to 60 meters, or even more. The only species of spontaneous tree in Western Europe, it likes an altitude of 400 to 1800 meters. Its great richness in monoterpenes, also very represented in lemon, brings a citrus note in addition to its resinous odor. Fir shoots picked in spring and transformed into herbal tea, syrup or candy, constitute an old remedy against respiratory affections. As winter approaches, to prepare to face its inconvenience, the pectinated fir hydrosol is ideal. In broadcasting, it will bring citrus notes, will bring back in you the sensations of a ride in the forest ...

What are the benefits of silver fir?

Fir pectin is a plant with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it a valuable ally in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Indeed, its content of active compounds helps relieve joint pain and promotes joint mobility. Additionally, fir-pectin is effective in treating respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and colds. Thanks to its expectorant properties, this plant helps clear the respiratory tract and relieve coughs. In short, pectin fir is a versatile plant that offers a wide range of health benefits.

The Products

Hydrolat Pecture

Hydrolat Pecture

Esseciagua pectinated fir hydrosol, organic certified, is a natural product with disinfectant and therapeutic properties. Distilled with untreated fresh water, this hydrosol is particularly effective in relieving pain, including those related to rheumatism.

This hydrosol draws its benefits from the pectinated tree, known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is therefore ideal for people with joint or muscle pain, providing natural and effective relief. In topical application, it helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

In addition to its effects on body pain, pectinated fir hydrosol is also appreciated for its respiratory virtues. It can be used in inhalation to clear the respiratory tract, which makes it useful in case of nasal congestion or bronchitis. Its expectorant properties help to expel mucus and facilitate breathing.

The wooded and refreshing aroma of this hydrosol makes it an excellent choice for purification of indoor air. Used in broadcasting, it creates a soothing and invigorating atmosphere, recalling coniferous forests.

By choosing the pectinated fir hydrosol of Essenciagua, you opt for a natural and organic product, which respects your health and the environment. It is a soft and effective solution for physical well-being and an enriching sensory experience.

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Essential Oil Pecture

Essential Oil Pecture

Discover the essential oil of Pectini fir of Essentials, an essence distilled with unique artisanal know-how. This oil, extracted from Abies Alba, also known as white fir, comes from the mountainous forests of France. The pectinated tree, a majestic and imposing tree, is appreciated for its needles rich in essential oils with remarkable therapeutic virtues.

Pectinated fir essential oil is recognized for its beneficial effects on the airways. Its expectorant and decongestant properties make it a precious ally in the event of coughing, bronchitis and sinusitis. In inhalation, it helps to release the respiratory tract, providing rapid and natural relief.

This essential oil is also appreciated for its soothing effects on muscles and joints. In local application, diluted in a support oil, it can help relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. It is also beneficial to relax muscles and relieve muscle pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.

In broadcast, the essential oil of pectinated fir creates a forest and invigorating atmosphere, recalling a walk in the forest. Its wooded and refreshing notes provide a feeling of well-being and serenity, ideal for moments of relaxation and meditation.

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation Pecture Discover the distillation Pecture Discover the distillation Pecture Discover the distillation Pecture



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