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The plant

Latin: Salvia Sclarea

Plant part: Flower

Origin: France

Sclared sage is a perennial, rustic plant, with musk perfume. This beautiful plant is remarkable between all the sages by its ears of pale blue flowers. It is clearly distinguished from the sage officinal, in its composition and its indications. It will be closer to lavender by its appearance and its properties. Not containing thuyone, its use will be easier than that of its officinal cousin. Like the sage officinal, it would have a useful action in certain affections specific to women. Like fine lavender, it accompanies towards relaxation. The slave sage hydrosol will be the main ally of the woman to cross this often difficult period that is menopause, and all the discomforts that it causes.

What are the benefits of Clary Sage?

Clary sage is a plant with multiple health benefits, especially for women going through menopause. In fact, it helps reduce hot flashes and night sweats, while regulating the hormonal cycle. In addition to its effects on menopause, clary sage also has beneficial properties for the skin and hair. When applied topically, it helps regulate sebum production and fight against oily skin and oily hair. In addition, its richness in antioxidants helps protect the skin from free radicals and prevent premature aging. Finally, clary sage can also help relieve menstrual cycle disorders by regulating hormones and alleviating period pain.


The Products



Essenciagua's sclared sage hydrosol is a natural and biological product, known for its regulatory action on female balance. Distilled from the Salvia Sclarea plant, this hydrosol is harvested and carefully transformed to preserve all its beneficial properties.

Sclared sage is particularly appreciated for its positive influence on the female cycle. It helps regulate hormonal imbalances and relieves symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and emotional imbalances. In topical application, this hydrosol can be used as a soft tonic for the face, helping to regulate sebum production and reducing the appearance of oily or acne skin.

In addition, the sclared sage hydrosol has calming and relaxing properties, making its use beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety. In inhalation or vaporization, it contributes to creating a soothing atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and relaxation.

This hydrosol is also recognized for its beneficial action on digestion. In drink, it can facilitate digestion thanks to its digestive properties, providing comfort after meals. In application, it also helps to regulate excessive sweating, benefiting from its astringent properties.

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Essential Oil SAGE SCLARED

Essential Oil SAGE SCLARED

The essential oil of sclared sage, a natural treasure with multiple virtues, is now available from Essenciagua. Coming from the Salvia Sclarea, a rustic and sustainable plant from France, this oil is distinguished by its musk perfume and its pale blue flowers. Handcrafted, it is certified biological and retains all its purity and its efficiency.

This essential oil is recognized for its positive action on female hormonal balance. It is particularly beneficial during menopause, helping to alleviate heat puffs and hormonal imbalances. In addition, its soothing and relaxing properties make it an excellent choice to reduce stress and promote restful sleep.

In dermatology, the essential oil of sclared sage is appreciated for its regenerative and invigorating qualities, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin health. It also regulates sebum production, fighting against skin and oily hair.

This essential oil is versatile and can be used in various ways, whether in external or internal application. It is also effective in treating certain types of hair loss linked to hormonal imbalances and can relieve disorders linked to the menstrual cycle.

Choosing the Essenciagua Self Soft Sauge essential oil is opting for a natural, artisanal and environmentally friendly product, perfect for enriching your wellness and personal care routine

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The Distillation

Discover the distillation SAGE SCLARED Discover the distillation SAGE SCLARED Discover the distillation SAGE SCLARED Discover the distillation SAGE SCLARED Discover the distillation SAGE SCLARED Discover the distillation SAGE SCLARED



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